Production capacity

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Contrition production capacity :

Mechanical precision machining and manufacturing molds blanker

Quang Huy Lighting has invested a comprehensive system of machinery, mechanical appliances and modern molds , multiple devices operating under the control of numerical program . Ensure the accuracy and sophistication of products processed .

Materials molds are imported directly from Japan , enabling and improving the quality of working life of the mold

Metal Casting

The company has a full range of cast iron equipment , steel and cast in sand mold flow patterns . In particular the company has invested in high pressure aluminum casting machine 1600 tons ( the largest facilities in Vietnam ) to molded products have large weight and size as the type of lamp shell with high quality .

Reflective aluminum stamping

Technology stamping , deep drawing , stamping cutting edge details have complex geometries , and correlation of high geometric accuracy . The company has invested but the stamping machine PLC 200 tons of shells to put the lights , reflective aluminum sheet material to achieve the required profile reflective surface quality according to European standards .

Cutting , Punching , Bending

Eyes cutting system , hydraulic presses continuous , numerical program control ( CNC ) , has the ability to cut and bend sheet thickness up to 30mm , up to 12,000 have complex shape , sharp .


The company has invested in a series of automatic welding machine controlled by CNC program . In addition the company has a team of workers mound , coupling , welded trained professionals capable plank thin and thick materials . Korea is the product of the pressure welding method , arc welding , gas welding CO2 or argon protection , can the details welded steel , copper , aluminum . Workers certified welding equipment welding under pressure and be trained at the Center HVC EU standards .

Injection molded engineering plastic products

There are many plastic injection molding machine injection pressure caused large CNC controller can automatically produce detailed plastic , glass and shell heat lamp , large size , anti-aging , high impact resistance , impact resistant UV .

Surface treatment

With extreme weather conditions in Vietnam , the product surface treatment is critical to the longevity of the product , we are focused on investing in advanced machinery and equipment to ensure product quality as :

- Surface Cleaning Technology in chemical systems interconnected tanks , ensuring absolutely clean surfaces before painting .

- The system of hot dip galvanizing equipment : for coating metal parts quality and durability .

- Polished and anodized Metamorphosis kinds of reflective high quality reflector

- Coloring- drying paint drying can be both trucks , passenger cars with a length up to 8m

- Electrostatic painting system and paint drying chamber temperature reaches 220oC , 2.2 m wide , ensuring the smooth surface , the ball, solid , adhesion , durability than traditional painted technologies .

The lighting products and engineering products are assembled on specialized lines have aided somewhat modern .